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Online Coaching Education Courses

Fit For 90 and Dr. John Cone are building out a comprehensive coaching education pathway for soccer coaches. If you're looking to go beyond AskFitFor90 videos and webinars check out some of our online courses.

Intro to Periodization

Learn more about periodization from Fit For 90's Dr. John Cone. John has now periodized hundreds of college and youth soccer seasons. Many teams consult with John and Fit For 90 to deliver their team's periodization. This 7-part online introduction to periodization is a great way to get started or learn more to help your team get to the next level. Learn More

Sports Performance*

Fit For 90's flagship online course on all things sports performance and sports science. Learn more about this 10 week long soccer specific course taught by Dr. John Cone. Learn More

Coaching Education Partnership

Interested in Fit For 90 team monitoring? Learn more about how you can save 50-90% off the FF90 team monitoring platform by purchasing the Sports Performance course. Get in touch to find out how you can become a Fit For 90 coaching ed partner.

*Only coaches who purchase the Sports Performance course will be eligible to receive the Fit For 90 coaching ed partner rate for team monitoring.


Free Coaching Education Webinars: 20-30 minutes each on various sports-science related topics

Developing your pre-season plan
Recording now available on-demand
Learn the essentials for pre-season planning for your team
View Webinar Now
Using monitoring technology to know if you're getting it right
Recording now available on-demand
Learn how to effectively monitor your team to improve performance, development and injury-resistance.
View Webinar Now
Navigating, managing, and surviving the youth soccer tournament/showcase
Recording now available on-demand
Find out how to recover and perform during tournaments with multiple games in a weekend.
View Webinar Now